Tips for Staying Active During the Winter

Old Man Winter is upon us. Daylight hours are in short supply, temperatures drop and for many of us, so do our activity levels. But even though the weather is a little frightful, staying active to keep your mind sharp and your body feeling good is still important to your overall health.

The physical benefits of exercise — losing excess pounds or maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your heart in good shape and building strong muscles and bones — are complimented by the mental rewards. Exercise can help boost the endorphin levels in your brain, which elevates your mood and makes you feel more alert.

Staying active with indoor workouts

No more cold weather excuses! The key to staying active this winter is to think inside the box. Here are some ways to keep moving:

  • Walk the mall – Every mall is an indoor track waiting to be walked. For best results, bring your activity tracker and leave your credit cards at home.
  • Join a gym – Choose one close to home or work and don’t be shy about asking the staff to show you how to use the equipment.
  • Check out classes or sports – Dance, yoga, aerobics, basketball and more — you may be surprised at what you’ll find at your local YMCA or gym.
  • Dive into an indoor pool – Swimming laps or taking water aerobics classes are considered the ultimate workouts. Being weightless or buoyant allows you to build cardiovascular fitness and tone muscle without impacting bones and joints.
  • Create a home gym – These days, it’s easy to find quality fitness equipment (including used) to suit your available space.
  • Clean away the calories – From vacuuming to mopping to washing windows, there are many ways to stay fit, and keep your house looking great.

Winter workouts in the great outdoors

Think of the change of seasons as an opportunity to vary your workout routine. All you need is a few extra layers and a little motivation. Ready for some fresh air? Try these activities:

  • Rake leaves or do other yard work
  • Walk the dog to help make walks part of your daily routine
  • Shovel snow after you’ve consulted a doctor (especially if you have heart problems or other health concerns)
  • Try a new sport with friends, like ice skating, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing

Here’s to your best health all year round

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