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Medicare Patients

How do you know which kind of Medicare coverage may be right for you?

If you’re eligible for Medicare, your health insurance options are more complicated and more varied than for patients covered by employer-sponsored insurance. CRMA strongly recommends you get some help.

Many local Senior Centers have programs to help patients navigate their choices. The Tufts Medicare Preferred website has an excellent set of tools to help explain Medicare and the various options to consider. In particular, we’d recommend the “Health Needs Assessment” and the “Cost Comparison”. Even if you don’t plan to sign up with Tufts, the information about Medicare Advantage vs Supplementals vs Original Medicare is universally relevant and will help you choose the right option based on your individual circumstances.

Health Needs Assessment

Decide which coverage
is right for you
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Cost Comparison

What you need to know about
Medicare’s coverage gaps
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If you’re considering a Medicare Advantage Plan instead of standard Medicare, please be advised that Tufts Medicare Preferred is the only Medicare Advantage Plan in which we participate.

CRMA has been affiliated with this Plan for many years.
If you’re not planning to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, all CRMA physicians accept standard Medicare as well as all Medicare supplemental policies. Call 877-442-3145 to learn more about Tufts Medicare Preferred or click on the button below.

Or you can click on this link to connect to the contact page for our Tufts Representative, Kristen Cooney.

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