Our medical team offers Metrowest convenient, multispecialty care.

By joining our team of practitioners at Charles River Medical Associates, you’re choosing a convenient, smooth healthcare experience for you and your family. With over 95 compassionate providers cooperating to bring you hassle-free wellness, you can focus on your health instead of the headache that typically comes with the modern healthcare system.

In addition to providing leading-edge clinical care, we also strive to alleviate your administrative concerns and responsibilities. Once you are a part of Charles River Medical Associates, any specialists and testing locations that are also part of CRMA can seamlessly access your information. This gives you greater continuity of care and reduces the chance of administrative error that could lengthen treatment time. Your good health and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we’ve established our team of physicians to service those needs.

Our doctors are defined by their skill, accessibility and compassion.

We offer high-quality care at 30+ locations spread across 11 Metrowest communities, making it easy to find a location that complements your schedule and helps you enjoy a healthy life. Better still, by letting Charles River Medical Associates handle your healthcare, you’ll know that every doctor is an exceptional and caring professional who will put your needs at the forefront of his or her attention and efforts.

Let Charles River Medical Associates show you truly effective care.

To ensure that you have a great patient experience, we practice medicine the way it used to be before the innumerable administrative complications of the modern healthcare system. We understand that when you make an appointment to see your doctor, you have an important reason for doing so, and that should be your focus, not paperwork and tedious details.

There are many advantages to choosing a doctor who is part of Charles River Medical Associates. Our ability to “quarterback” your care and to share information with other doctors who are also in our network are key benefits to seeing a CRMA doctor. Rapid communication means you’re getting the care you need faster, and you’re getting back to a healthy life sooner. Of course, if you already have a specialist that you prefer who is not part of Charles River Medical Associates, we will work with them with the same flexibility, responsiveness and commitment to your health.

Performing a wide array of testing and diagnostic services.

In addition to our variety of doctors, we also offer a number of testing and diagnostic services within Charles River Medical Associates. If your doctor determines that a certain test offered by CRMA is required in order to diagnose your problem, our staff will be able to make all of the necessary arrangements for you — appointments, referrals and information exchanges — in order to reduce your burden and accelerate your diagnostic process.

Get excellent treatment right when you need it.

If you need immediate medical attention for a condition that isn’t life threatening, visit Charles River Medical Associates’ Urgent Care office. Our talented nurse practitioners will be happy to assist you in a timely manner, and you’ll likely pay much less than at an emergency room. Note that our Urgent Care office is not a walk-in clinic, so make sure you call (508) 665-4393 to make an appointment.

For more information about Charles River Medical Center, or to schedule a new patient appointment, call 1-508-848-2190. You can also request a new patient appointment using our easy online form.