A $1.3M+/yr medical practice seeks a Medical Office Manager to handle all business aspects  and to profitably grow the practice.

Overall Objective

  • The overall objective of the medical office manager is to assume responsibility for all non-medical aspects of the medical office, optimizing practice profitability while freeing medical providers to focus on patient medical care without having to concern them with operational or strategic aspects of the practice.
  • The success of the medical office manager position would be evidenced by the accelerated profit growth of the practice without the medical providers aware of the problems, challenges and solutions the medical office manager faces.


  • The medical office manager is responsible for identifying and satisfying the staffing needs of the office, to include the recruitment, hiring, training, supervision, scheduling, review and discipline of all non-provider staff — medical assistants, receptionists, temporary and permanent contractors.
  • The medical office manager will participate in the recruitment and selection of new medical providers.
  • The medical office manager is required to ensure that the office is staffed appropriately to support provider and patient needs.


  • The medical office manager has overall business responsibility for the medical office, including establishment of financial goals and metrics and regularly reporting on those goals and metrics, to include financial objectives such as profit and gross margin, and non-financial metrics such as new patient enrollment, patient retention and patient satisfaction metrics or secondary metrics such as billing efficiency or provider throughput.
  • The medical office manager is responsible for leading the development of practice business strategy, to include services offered, hours of service, location of services, and market positioning and branding.
  • The medical office manager is responsible for implementation of the business strategy, to include recommending and implementing staffing, equipment, outside services contracts, and facilities.
  • The medical office manager is responsible for marketing the medical practice, to include refining positioning of the practice, and creating of practice marketing collateral — such as advertising, signage, digital signage, and promotional media.
  • The medical office manager is responsible for all business operations of the practice, from strategic budgeting to the day-to-day oversight of patient interactions and billing.
  • The medical office manager is responsible for regular financial reporting of the practice, including dashboards measuring quantitative progress against defined metrics.


  • The medical office manager has overall facilities responsibility, including procuring appropriate space, negotiating and administering leases and contracts; custodial, maintenance and groundskeeping services.
  • The medical office manager is tasked to ensure that the facilities meet the current and future provider, staff and patient needs.


  • While a BS in Business Management or MBA is desired and valued, it is not required.  Preference will be given to candidates who have experience starting, managing and growing businesses.  Experience in supervising non-salaried employees is desired.  A proven ability to identify problems and opportunities, and to independently develop and implement solutions is necessary.


  • Salary and incentives are negotiable and in proportion to the value delivered.



To apply for this position, you may also email @agoulet@partners.org