National Cancer Survivors Day (Sunday, June 4th): Celebrating Your Strength

Cancer survivor. Anyone suffering from cancer hopes to hear these two words. A cancer diagnosis is difficult to accept and even more difficult to experience. You learn early on it takes acute mental strength and tenacity to undergo rigorous cancer treatments. This disease is hard on your body, and so are the treatments. As you complete treatment, you’re faced with other challenges like changes in physical appearance and mobility.

Cancer treatment is physically and mentally taxing, so it’s important to know you’re not alone. Emotional support and therapeutic services are available to help survivors get back to the work or the hobbies you love. Survivors often benefit from taking advantage of support groups, make-up techniques, wigs or scarves.

Helpful therapies for cancer survivors

The main goal of these services is to improve your quality of life and self-image.


During this therapy, fine, sterile needles are gently applied to the body to stimulate energy flow. Acupuncture helps restore balance and healthy energy flow to the body.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic therapy relieves pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles. It is often used to treat symptoms associated with cancer like headaches, immobility, memory, nausea, pain, numbness and fatigue.

Mind-body medicine

As part of a whole-person care approach, mind-body medicine uses therapeutic relationships to help improve the emotional, mental, social and behavioral factors affecting the health of cancer patients and survivors.

Nutrition therapy

Nutrition therapy is designed to prevent or correct malnutrition, restore digestive health and provide other therapeutics like homeopathic remedies or dietary supplements.

Oncology rehabilitation

Oncology rehabilitation rebuilds strength and endurance in effort to restore quality of life. This therapy focuses on the treatment of physical, occupational, manual and speech conditions that may occur during and after treatments.

Pain management

Pain management therapy reduces chronic pain and improves overall quality of life through prescription medication, implanted pain pump, nerve block therapies and other techniques.

Spiritual support

Spiritual support helps cancer patients and survivors cope with the challenges associated with cancer. It can be in the form of group prayer, spiritual counseling, worship services and other techniques.

The best way cancer survivors can celebrate their strength is to get the help they need to take back the control of their lives. Charles River Medical Associates celebrates all cancer survivors and reminds them to take care of their entire body, inside and out.

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