Every Kid Healthy™ Week: Simple Ways to Help Your Child Live a Healthy Life

One of the best things you can do to help your child live a healthy life is to set a good example. April 24 through 28 is Every Kid Healthy™ Week, and the perfect time to reflect on the healthy habits you may (or may not) be incorporating into your everyday life. If you eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise and schedule regular check-ups with your doctor, your kids are more likely to do the same.

Simple ways to help your child live a healthy life

When your kids are healthy, they are happier, more focused and do better in school. Help them with these simple tips:

  • Move with your kids
    Kids pay attention to everything you do, especially when they are young. Encourage physical fitness and show them how fun exercise can be while you climb on the jungle gym or cross the monkey bars.
  • Eat nutritious foods
    Teach your kids about food early, so they understand the value of a healthy meal. Food is like fuel for our bodies and the more nutritious our diet, the better you feel physically and emotionally.
  • Hydrate mindfully
    When your kids are thirsty, be sure they reach for a tall glass of water instead of soft drinks or juices. Store-bought juices and soda contain a lot of sugar and can lead to unnecessary weight gain or even diabetes if consumed on a consistent basis.
  • Get regular check-ups
    Give your children a healthy start by making sure they visit their pediatrician and dentist for regular checkups. By setting an example at a young age, they are more likely to continue with regular checkups into adulthood.

The end of April marks the 5th Annual Every Kid Healthy Week, so get outside, have some fun and sample lots of healthy fruits and vegetables at your local farmers’ market! If you need help jumpstarting a healthy diet, the dieticians at Charles River Medical Associates can provide individualized, reliable nutrition information and translate scientific findings into easy to understand nutrition information for you. Contact us today at 508-848-2190.