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We understand that a doctor’s appointment is an interruption to your day, and there’s probably something you’d rather be doing instead. Plus, increasingly complex clinical care and insurance coverage rules make it difficult to manage your care on your own.

Charles River Medical Associates seeks to alleviate those inconveniences by keeping your medical experience seamless, high-quality and hassle-free. By offering you leading-edge care across a wide variety of specialties at over 15 locations, we can find the right physician for you. We believe that offering medical diagnostic services to support our doctors results in better care, and thus we offer a number of testing and imaging services to efficiently diagnose your health issue and get you back to living your life outside the doctor’s office.

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Doctors from multiple fields working tirelessly for your health.

CRMA is comprised of more than 75 providers in a variety of specialties, including internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, endocrinology, oncology, cardiology and gastroenterology. Our offices are spread out across 9 Metrowest communities and our geographic center is in Framingham. Because of our skill and breadth of care, we’re confident you can find a CRMA provider who’s right for you. And when you visit one of our physicians, they will always take the time to listen to your needs and give you the care you need.

When CRMA’s primary care physicians refer to CRMA specialists, you won’t encounter any of the hassle normally associated with seeing a specialist, such as problems with referrals or transferring records. You’ll also know that the doctor you’re seeing has been assessed as an excellent caregiver. It’s a rigorous process to join our organization and not every doctor qualifies. We maintain these high standards in order to give you the best possible patient experience.

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Our doctors have the resources to solve your problem.

To support our physicians and to give you excellent, convenient care, we offer a number of services at Charles River Medical Associates. These comprehensive services will give you rapid results with little inconvenience. You will have fewer delays because everybody from your doctor to the testing office is on the same page by working for CRMA. This means that your diagnoses can likely be made earlier, your treatment can be started sooner, and your healing can happen more rapidly. Some of our services include:

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For fast same-day service, call CRMA Urgent Care.

Your need for medical attention doesn’t wait around for business hours or openings with your primary care physician. And nobody likes the long waits and high copays of the ER. CRMA’s Urgent Care center is by-appointment, offering evening and weekend care for people who can’t wait for an appointment with their regular doctor. One of our skilled nurse practitioners will see you with a short wait and a low copay, and we will be in close communication with your CRMA primary care physician so that your follow-up is seamless.

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Communication is easy and efficient with Patient Gateway.

To further provide our patients a convenient, accessible and secure method of interacting with our medical practice, we offer patients online communication through Patient Gateway. With Patient Gateway, you engage with your medical care in a variety of ways, such as by viewing test results, submitting referral requests, and reading summaries of previous visits. This service helps you avoid confusion about your prescriptions and never miss your appointments! Plus, Patient Gateway allows you to easily communicate with our office for non-time-sensitive issues, which we strongly prefer to calling.

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Charles River Medical Associates offers patients answers and useful information.

Keeping an open dialogue with our patients is one of the guiding principles behind the practice styles of our physicians. To that end, we have put together a patient information center to address your questions and concerns as a new or returning patient, which includes:

  1. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Charles River Medical Associates, insurance and your healthcare
  2. New patient forms & documents
  3. Our HIPAA-compliant privacy practices

If you have any further questions, please contact our office at 1-508-848-2190 and we will be happy to assist you.

Providing advanced medical solutions throughout Metrowest.

If you’re ready for convenient, high-quality care with a CRMA provider, please contact us by submitting an online request or by calling us at 1-508-848-2190. We offer a variety of services and specialties across many locations, and whomever you speak to will happily engage with your needs and find the solution most compatible with your lifestyle.

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